Update! Hi guys. <:

January 14th, 2016, 9:41 am

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Kintanga, January 14th, 2016, 9:53 am     Reply


So, I am pretty late on this, I apologize. VnV
The real world sucks with it's jobs and stuff.. hah.

But as I said, it's after the holidays and I am going to be back working on Ashenguard. : )

But I also wanted to mention that I am working on two other comics along with Ashenguard. So, updates will be slow with these and work IRL. Sorry. :c Though the other two comic will only be on my DA.
As I don't put as much work into them as Ashenguard. XD;;

>>Gravity<< - 7 pages so far
This one is more Sci-fi based. On the cover is the four main characters.
A Chimera, a blue catboy, a robot, and a reptile-like bulky girl. XD
Its also a comic I started 2014 and just now decided to revisit.

>>Annoying Dog<< - 8 pages so far
Anyone who has played or know Undertale will get this one. XD
Annoying Dog is a fan-comic about Sans, Papyrus, and the white dog aka annoying dog.
It's set before Frisk and is my own view on how the dog got with Sans and Papyrus.

Just thought I'll let ya'll know what I been up to.
I will be trying to work on page 8 for Ashenguard this weekend and hopefully have a new page for you guys on Monday. <:

Thanks everyone~! <33 Ya'll still wonderful and amazing.
Definitely for putting up with me. OTL

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